In Cycling Sport our goal was to modify and innovate the way of professional cycling athlete training, that was constant for more than 20 years. To move from traditional subjective trainer way, to fully objective data driven approach and improve results of Belarusian Cycling National Team.


We design the system, that automates the data mining process, in relation to collecting and preparing the data from sports wearables, cycling computers, medical tests and professional diet. Based on the received data, we visualize the data and employ predictive analysis to draw conclusions and give planning advice. The results of predictive analysis provide coaches with operational and forecasted information about the main performance indicators of sportsmen.

Some challenges we’ve overcome:
-Automate the processing & graph visualization of the gadget and manual data from power & cadence meters, portable lab lactate gauges (wearable devices);
- Design and implement transformation of data into graphical and cartographic representations;
-Architect the data driven coach’s decision making assistant, based on predictive analysis;
- Set up the distant coaching and communication tools.

Release Date:

In Development


2 months