Implementing analysis of data collected from Odoo and/or Uniwell POS-terminal systems, as well as from csv-files provided by user with the purpose of optimization of restaurant operations.


We have created a powerful web app that does not require any installation. It just works online. Actually POS Insighter project consists of two related services. The first service provides data collection, process and storage, and the second one is about visualization of the data in a form easily readable for the user with flexible filtration by time, product, table, waiter, etc. Based on the results of analysis user can improve operations of his restaurant in different ways using such tools as Restaurants insights, Time analysis, Revenue analysis, Combinations, Menu engineering, Employee analysis, Workload analysis and Table analysis.

Our team has been engaged in working out a new system to collect and process user data on the orders and products. Two services have been developed for the project, the first of which is an asynchronous service intended for collecting and parsing user data. We integrated this service with Odoo and Uniwell POS-systems. It also accepts and processes CSV data. The design of the service allows integration of new data sources and is easily scalable. The second service is actually the site used to manage user data and reflect analytical results. It provides interactive graphs to display information, supports flexible filtration system and is used to set different access levels for the users.

Release Date:

In Development


More than 10 months


Web Development


Project Manager
Business Analyst
Web developers 3
Data Scientist
Quality Assurance specialist

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