The goal (almost a mission) is to reduce the traumatic danger of the sport and have an opportunity to identify and prevent. As well as, in the long run, improve the attractiveness of professional sport due to lower injury risks.


Mobile software for on-the-field data collection, integrated with the client’s scientific data processing and decision-support infrastructure.

Some challenges we've overcome:

-Designed multi-modal data input interface, for a sports doctor to enter data doing his direct job - first aid;
-Set up the collection of data in a format, that requires no additional data preparation;
-Automated data analysis: analysis & stats summary for the most frequent injuries & their causes;
-Integrated with, updated and configured the client’s infrastructure of data warehousing, analysis and visualization;
-Integrated with and configured the client’s infrastructure of prediction analysis and treatment decision support.


Already achieved nationwide coverage of the client’s target sports doctors provides dozens of injury and cause records a week. This presents the scientists with representative estimation and prediction data.

Release Date:

In Development


More than 6 months


UI designer
iOS developer
Business Analyst
Project Manager
QA tester

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