To increase the level of Xarelto product spreading among the pharmaceutists and doctors by improving results of presentation process.


Xarelto is a mobile tool, which allows to analyse and visualize data in order to analyze product showcase for the further perfection.

Challenges we’ve overcome together with the client: -Analysed buyer needs and preferences;
-Customized barcharts and graph plotting;
-Processed dependence analysis( between diseases and taking medicines);
-Recorded an amount of time for talking and discussion on each slide, which allows to conduct an analysis of customer demand.

The relevancy of presentations has increased, which indirectly resulted into growing product sales.

Release Date:

10 August 2015


1 month


Web Developer

Client feedback:

Stone Labs has very responsible, carefull and responsible approach to their work. You wouldn't ever hear categorical NO answer or something like "we haven't worked with that". The team would always find the suitable solution and give you several ways to overcome the challenge.

Maryia Barysava

Assistant to Marketing Manager, Bayer WR

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