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Apply Data Driven Training System (DDTS) to the training process and supply all people involved in athletic training with corresponding information they need to handle evidence-based training process and achieve the best possible results in competitions.


In virtual environment participants of the training process fulfill certain actions with the purpose of reaching aims specific for their involvement. DDTS supports training for various techniques in any sport (e.g. foul shot in basketball, strike in taekwondo, etc.) and overall physical condition. The athlete`s personal data are stored in the his/her passport. Having clear understanding of the conditions of the athlete, the coach makes his decision about what exercises, sequences of exercises or the training program shall be assigned to the athlete to achieve best results.

Main Challenge

The intensifying competition in sports leads to permanent growth of sophistication of the training process. Coachers, sport doctors and scientists, teams, athletes, administrators, and even funs have to consider information in volumes never seen before.


Coach can assign the task to the athlete. The task can contain certain the exercises to be executed within a period of time indicated in the task. The athlete can use custom data input to enter the results achieved at the specific exercises like time at short and long distances, best results at power lifting, etc. Athlete’s Database (containing tracking sheets and info from other sources) is designed to keep the processed data and allows creating reports on each athlete. The reports can be visualized in charts, diagrams and any other form suitable to track changes in the time being. It`s possible to calculate max, min and average values in relation to any exercise that help the coach evaluate the processed data and correct the training process accordingly. Besides, analytical feature makes it possible to get any value calculated by the specific formulas. Performance indicators of the training process can be calculated by customized formulas introduced by the coach and/or sport scientist. Assessment tests are designed to evaluate the results shown by the athlete performing exercises at different stages of the training process.

Competitive Advantage

DDTS ensures synergy and does not substitute, but assists the coach to correct and approve the training process. DDTS takes over huge amount of data gathering and processing and simplifies monitoring over many athletes. The scalability and adjustability of DDTS allows its simultaneous supporting to numerous sport halls. The coaches can assign standardized exercises and sequences of exercises for assuring consistent approach in networked clubs or develop unique exercises and sequences of exercises for a team or an athlete.