Laravel 10.9 released!
June 6, 2023

The Laravel team has recently released version 10.9 with several new features and enhancements, which Stone Labs is excited to explore.

One of the significant changes introduced in Laravel 10.9 is named static methods for middleware. This update allows developers to define route middleware in a more “PHPish” way. Additionally, James Hulse contributed an update to the queue:prune-batches, allowing developers to prune all unfinished and canceled batches with the –infinished=0 and –cancelled=0 flags.

Another significant change in Laravel 10.9 is the ability to configure Ignition IDE links with the artisan serve command. Developers can now pass-through IGNITION_LOCAL_SITES_PATH to the artisan serve command, enabling them to open files in their IDE by clicking on the filename displayed on an Ignition error page.

Laravel 10.9 also adds new HTTP status assertions and allows separate directories for locks on file storage. Additionally, developers can now use the whereMorphedTo method with a null model and use pivot model fromDateTime instead of assuming Carbon in the Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Relations/Concerns/InteractsWithPivotTable::addTimestampsToAttachment() method.

Other changes in Laravel 10.9 include making the rules method in FormRequest optional, throwing a LogicException when calling FileFactory@image() if mimetype is not supported, improving the job release method to accept a date instance, and using foreignUlid if the model uses HasUlids trait when calling foreignIdFor.

Stone Labs is excited about the new features and enhancements introduced in Laravel 10.9. These updates will help development teams build better and more efficient software products for the end clients.

Laravel is an excellent framework for web application development and provides numerous features and tools to help developers create high-quality, scalable, and secure web applications. With the release of Laravel 10.9, the framework has become even more robust and feature-rich, making it an ideal choice for custom software development.

startup ideas: Keep track of business for oil field business

Stone Labs is exploring various channels, including the marketplace, where very interior ideas for startups often appear. We want to tell you about one of these ideas.

We found that in United States was an idea to build a software to keep track of business for oil field business.

Scope of Possible Software Solution:

The proposed software solution for the small oil field company would have the following features:


Possible Business Model:
The business model for this software solution could be a subscription-based model where the oil field company pays a monthly or annual fee for access to the software. There could also be value-added services offered such as data analysis and personalized support.

How Stone Labs can help:
Stone Labs can help by developing a customized software solution tailored to the specific needs of the small oil field company. We have experience in developing similar software solutions for other businesses and can provide expert guidance and support throughout the development process. Additionally, Stone Labs can provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the software solution continues to meet the evolving needs of the business.