Laravel Valet 4.0 – Now Live!
April 26, 2023

Great news from the Laravel team – Valet 4.0 is just launched! This new version offers various upgrades and user-friendly features that enhance the overall experience of the platform.

The primary goal of Valet 4 is stability, achieved through the re-architecture of the project’s internals, making it easy to debug and fix. This new version also features all forms of unit and integration tests, making the codebase more manageable.

One of the new features of Valet 4 is the “valet status” command. This command generates a table that shows the “health” of important aspects of the Valet application. This feature is helpful when debugging, and it also returns codes for success or failure that other CLI tools can consume.

Upgrades to ngrok are also included in Valet 4. Users can now install ngrok via Homebrew, allowing them to have one universal version installed and keep it up to date as needed.

The integration of Expose as a share option is another significant feature of Valet 4. Users can run the “valet share-tool expose” command, and if they don’t have Expose installed, Valet will prompt them to install it. Once the Expose token is set up, users can share their sites using the familiar “valet share” command.

The .valetrc file in Valet 4 is more powerful than the previous .valetphprc, making it more configurable. This opens up new options for the future, such as building a plugin system, which is currently in the works.

Stone Labs hopes that Laravel Valet 4 will provide a stable and seamless experience for users. Although the platform is currently only available on macOS, the company remains optimistic about the possibility of making it work on Linux in the future.

Overall, Laravel Valet 4 is an excellent choice for developers seeking an easy-to-use, stable, and efficient local development environment. With its various new features and upgrades, Valet 4 makes it easier for developers to focus on building their applications, making it a valuable tool for complicated IT startups.