Startup Ideas: Cruise Line Platform
January 1, 2024
Larisa Yelkhova

Embark with us at Stone Labs as we highlight a new startup idea that has recently taken anchor in our bay of innovative concepts – the “Cruise Line Platform”.

On cruises, having outstanding crews is as important as the enchantment of the sea. This platform supports a more efficient and coordinated approach to recruitment, providing a clear path to navigate through the complex and fragmented process.

The project’s goal is to make sure that cruise ships have the best possible crew by working with multiple partner agencies. These agencies suggest candidates and provide documentation help for onboard employment. Currently, managing this process involves using various platforms, which is why we want to develop a comprehensive web platform for our partner agencies.

The new platform will help agencies keep track of job candidates and current crew during the hiring process. It will work smoothly with three main systems that our recruiters use: Success Factors, Marine Exchange (MXP), and SharePoint. The vision for this platform includes a minimalist, yet highly functional site design that prioritizes performance and responsiveness to meet the needs of our active partner agencies.

As we approach the realization of this project, Stone Labs can play a key role. With our expertise in developing complex IT startups on demand, we would bring an innovative and collaborative approach to the project. Our team focuses on implementing, improving, and expanding the Cruise Line platform through careful project management and user feedback.

We’re committed to project success and would work closely with stakeholders to analyze requirements and develop a tailored solution for the unique needs of the cruise industry. Our development approach prioritizes business value and efficiency. At Stone Labs, we strive to use our expertise in technology, strategy, and business to develop a state-of-the-art web platform that transforms crew management in the maritime sector.

As Stone Labs, our ability to create customized technology solutions that exceed expectations makes us the ideal partner to take the Cruise Line Platform from concept to reality. We are committed to contributing our technical acumen, iterative development methodology, and unwavering focus on user-centric success to ensure the seamless implementation and continued evolution of this groundbreaking project.