Storyblok development by Stone Labs
February 1, 2023

Stone Labs is focusing on the development of complicated software solutions, like data-analysis platforms, high-load marketplaces, digital platforms, and API-based startups. However, very often it is required to test the idea and create some proof of concept. Also, every complicated startup solution should have a user-friendly website or landing page, where the disrupting ideas can be shared with the market.

Stone Labs has great experience in developing websites and eCommerce portals of various complexity, though it is always a challenge to choose a proper technical platform and stack. CMS (Content Management System) is a core concept here and it is crucial to choose the most suitable one for the website, whether it will be Webflow, WordPress, Magento, or Drupal.

Today, when the number of web platforms constantly increases, it is important to choose the CMS which will be easily managed across various frontends – desktop websites, mobile apps, TV apps, and many others. Stone Labs has chosen a perfect solution for that – Storyblok.

Storyblok is so called headless CMS, which focuses only on the backend content management, allowing the development team to pick any frontend stack (Vue.JS, React, Angular, iOS, Android). Here are a few advantages of the Storyblok:

Using Storyblok, Stone Labs has successfully implemented several websites and platforms, such as Landing pages and Marketplaces. Also we provide following services :

Now Stone Labs is leading the way to become a Certified Storyblok Solution partner.