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We believe that today the athletes are getting very close to their maximum physiological efficiency level. When the win or lose is a matter of brief microseconds the only way to prevail is to use the full power of the technology. Stone Labs is here to guide you through this way to performance success.
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3 Steps Of Applying Data-Driven Approach
Over the years the coaches and analysts have been hard working and trying to take into consideration the conditional characteristics of athletes and all other aspects related to the training process and performance. But the volume of the information has been growing from day to day. To help them we devise tailor-made software solutions for sports data analysis in partnership with region`s sport research institutions and federations. Our approach consists of 3 steps:
Data Storage: to handle effective performance analysis or scouting we should build up a reliable and efficient way of data collection and storage. Manually entered exercise results or sensor information – the smart infrastructure should be built to keep everything in one place.
Data Interpretation and Visualization: here our aim is to process the data and make it suitable for further analysis and coach’s decision support. This can be done by visualization in user-friendly form – dashboards, dynamic infographic or graphs.
Automation and building full-fledged system: at the final step we should wrap-up everything into solid infrastructure that can be used on the daily basis by all stakeholders – coaches, athletes, scouts, sports analysts and team managers.
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