5 months


Big Data


Python, Odoo


Web, iOS, Android


Project Manager, Business Analyst, Web developers, Quality Assurance specialist, Support Manager


Implementing online points of sales (POS) that provide quick overview of restaurant and jump from floor to floor to table`s order, as well as information on exactly where the customers are, where the free tables are, who is waiting for food, how much room left, etc.


Internet connection is required to start a POS, and it will stay operational even after complete disconnection. We have also developed two special apps for iOS and Android. These apps make it possible to apply POS app on PC, tablet and/or smartphone connecting them to mobile printers and payment terminals through Bluetooth and/or WiFi. bridgify POS app also allows keeping in touch with customers and support loyalty programs. Being based on Odoo the app can be easily integrated with other modules. Menu optimization and revenue growth are the results to be enjoyed by the user.

Main Challenge

Integration of different types of bluetooth mobile and stationary printers, cash drawers, line screens and others POS bundles.


We worked out the new possibilities for POS terminals according to client’s requirements, compiling the project specifications for Android and iOS platforms, development of mobile UI, providing compatibility with of different payments systems and services

Competitive Advantage

bridgify POS app automatically inputs any transaction from the POS in stock. User can see in real time the availability of products without losing time