Call for Mission




7 months


Business Analysis, Cloud Solution, Ecommerce, Mobile Development, Web Development,


Node.js, Android SDK, MongoDB


Web, Android


Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Architect, iOS developer, Android developer, Web developer, UI/UX designer, Layouting Expert


Developing a platform that helps find people eagerly ready to assist in collecting up-to-date market information that provides a reduction of expenditures on this business process.


We eliminated the necessity to employ huge research staff in the locations we need the data from, involving simple people into market research activity. Instead of hiring a huge amount of workers in different cities companies can publish some missions for simple people (like “take a photo of our products in the shop “N”). After people pass that mission, they can get some bonuses and company managers can analyze the market without using a large army of workers in every city. Companies decide upon the information they need, publish missions (implying data gathering), and people complete them. As a result the users earn some money and company managers get the necessary information and have it analyzed according to the selected parameters.


A Company can create a mission with a lot of parameters, like city, product, shop, task, amount of bonus for passing the mission, and etc. If a person completes the mission, the company transfers money to his or her account.