Competition Management Automation




6 months


Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Web Development,


Node.js, PHP




Project Manager, Business Analyst, Web developer, QA tester


Development of an algorithm that automatically generates the best timetable of competition depending on the specific input parameters.


The customer is an organizer of many contests in different sports. They build a complex application that helps them automate the competitions’ management. One of the most complex features they wanted to implement was the algorithm for the automatic scheduling of the timetable of competitions most convenient for all participants (by time, venue location and other preferences). They selected our team for this task and we have successfully created the solution. It is based on such variables as a chosen league, team’s availability, team’s grade, number of teams, venue’s availability, home or away game, type of sporting contest (round-robin, double round-robin, knockout), number of matches, match duration, etc. We have built sophisticated logic for both fixtures and draws. Taking into account all these parameters, we have created a complex algorithm that calculates everything and generates an ideal timetable for competition.


Depending on input parameters, such as Start date, Day off, Venues, Teams, etc., the algorithm schedules the ideal timetable, considering the availability of the participants. Some parameters of the games can be modified manually followed by an automatic update of the entire timetable. Some games can be set up as «unchangeable» so that in the process of the timetable’s automatic update, these games stay in their initial status.