10 months+


Business Analysis, Cloud Solution, Data Science, DevOPS, Sport Performance, Training Organization, Web Development,






Project Manager, Business Analysts, Web Developers, UI/UX Designer, Quality Assurance Specialist


Implementing personal data collection and processing with special software; integrating data-driven training system; providing research based methodology to greater number of athletes all over the country; promoting of data-driven baseball facility; rendering this solution to other companies.


We have created a powerful multi-user web app designed to collect and process different data, including personal medical parameters of an athlete throwing/hitting/pitching a ball, as well as ball trajectory, throwing spin, etc. The data collection is provided through the sensors supported by the system, as well as by data entry executed by the athlete himself on a gadget. Upon completion of data collection and processing, a trainer is supplied with information presented in easy readable forms (e.g., graphs, diagrams, charts). With this information the coach evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete and works out personal training program to improve his skills. The training process appointed by the trainer and executed by the athlete is manageable in agile way allowing needed corrections; the results are mirrored in corresponding user forms.

Main Challenge

Provide smooth architectural upgrade of the solution from the MVP stage to the complete market-ready product.


Save time and money running your data-driven baseball player development program. Any baseball player from beginner to master level can get a training option to achieve the goals set up by the coach.

Competitive Advantage

The present solution allows different modes of baseball training facility operation, and can be easily deployed at any baseball facility with minimal adjustment.