Landing page



Landing page


2 months


Design, Web Development,


PHP, Symfony, Vue.js




Project Manager, Web developers, Quality Assurance Specialist


The customer needed a corporate portal with a lot of working examples done with their expertise (portfolio), to minimize the chatter and show the work that was done at the highest level. Moreover, there was a special request to present the site in the most informative manner and provide it with full support for mobile devices.


The website was developed from scratch. For the presentation of the app, the portfolio was provided with the creation of an adaptive slider. Video tutorial in each slide is launched by click and allows seeing the functionality of each application. A brief description helps get the first impression on the company’s services. Links to Google Play and App Store offer to download the application and check it yourself.


It took a time to find the decision for the slider (that was created fully by our team). But thanks to the really strong communication process through the developing stages we've done it fast and awesome. The technical part of the slider allows getting familiar with the portfolio both by the desktop and the mobile device. A slider responds to the mouse scrolling on the desktop and the finger movement on the screen of a mobile device.