In The Loop




8 months


Mobile Development, Training Organization, Web Development,


Ruby on Rails, Swift


Web, iOS


Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Architect, Web Developers, iOS Developer, UI/UX Designer, Quality Assurance Specialist


Reduce time losses of gym owners on gym and training process management, and data losses between training process participants, as well as to speed up messaging in the group.


In the Loop is a cloud-based, web and mobile sport solution for gym owners, coaches and their athletes. Coaches are able to manage their team and gym functioning, work with the event list and have an easy way to communicate with young athletes, their parents, or with the other coaches of the gym. Parents and athletes, in turn, have quick and natural way to get noticed of every event related to their participation in cheerleading activity.

Main Challenge

Tailored human resource management for the needs of the cheerleading training business. Systematized and automated appointment handling processes. Devised efficient progress sharing and overview approaches.


Scheduling training session with automatic participants’ notification. Competition team line-up management. Child’s progress reporting for parents (records, videos, stats, chat). Gym and coaches management for the gym owner. Gym chain app customization tools for the mass-market version.

Competitive Advantage

The resulted system cuts data losses throughout scheduling and teamwork, and unbinds Gym Owners business control from regular personal communication with the coaches, and thus increased gym owners business growth opportunities.