Innovation Bank


3 months







Project Manager


Customer’s services & proposals personalization and customization; customer’s satisfaction level improvement; creating agile and market-driven business processes; innovative approach in business process optimization.


Innovation Bank is listed among top-5 retail banks in Belarus and is known for it’s high-tech approach. Innovation Bank is willing to achieve mentioned aims by implementing Data-Driven Approach. Bank decided to utilize Big Data starting from the sales improvement of it’s main product - “Smart” Card - Credit Card for everyday usage. “Smart” Card allows the holder to purchase goods using the bank granted overdraft for the amounts from 100 to 5000 Euro (0 interest rate for 18 months). “Smart” Card grants 2% cashback on the purchases in the Partner Network (about 10,000 among Belarus) in case of usage customer’s own funds.

Main Challenge

Main marketing objectives for the “Smart” Card are: increase the number of new “Smart” Card users; increase transactions per day for a single user; predictive analysis of future transactions.


Data Extraction & Warehousing of all bank transactions for 1 year; retrieving the user’s who don’t have “Smart” Card; Data Dashboard creation with sales amounts, dates, locations, user types, frequency, purchasing interests; calculating how much money would customer save if was using “Smart” Card (10,000€ per year in Parter Network will grant 200€ cash back ); creating automated personalized email/call campaign for each user, not having “Smart” Card like: "You a loosing 200€ per year not using “Smart” Card"; A/B Testing to identify exact sales increase.

Competitive Advantage

We have increased the amount of “Smart” card usage among current users and attracted new customers.