Martial Arts




3 months


Sport Performance, Video Analysis,


Ruby on Rails




Project Manager, Business Analyst, Web Developer


Analysis of both training and sparring sessions in martial arts is very important to improve an athlete`s results in competitions. Development of the system has been aimed at strengthening one of the main parts of the training process (which is mainly about the perfecting various fighting techniques) by providing a means for mistake exception due to such an analysis.


We have developed a system with which a coach can scrutinize each sparring and make corresponding notes and comments. In practice the coach loads video of sparring and the system makes it possible to analyze the actions of both athletes participating in the fight. The coach stops video at the moment when the athlete attacks an opponent, and adds an event in the system by naming (e.g. a mistake in defense) and providing it with further description, like type – mistake, technique – left-handed uppercut, etc. All these parameters are put into the system not manually, but from the template list. This feature speeds up the coach`s operations considerably. By the end the coach receives the list of all events with its descriptions. The system provides the possibility to immediately find needed event on video. The events appear on the video with corresponding notes and comments. Each fight/sparring video is supplied with its own Event Data Base including type Mistake/Success of each event. The data are visualized in easily readable format. Each fight/sparring video has statistics (e.g. number Mistakes/Successes for each technique) for both athletes. These data are used by the coach to work out the training program for preparation to a fight with the following opponent. The same system is applied to fencing. The only distinction is that a type of hit is not as important as a point of impact is. It means that extra features are to be added to the description of an event (e.g. what part of body was impacted, from what side, under what angle, etc.) Similarly the system can be applied to any combat sports.

Main Challenge

Process and visualise gathered video data to prepare the efficient training plans.


Each attack or any other action of the athlete is evaluated with scoring system.

Competitive Advantage

Large number of training and sparring sessions can be analyzed in relation to different athletes from different sports. Analysis can be done not only by the coach, but it can be easily managed by the athlete or a student. Data base can be kept and updated with video and analytical materials on own athletes and opponents as well.