Smart Stroke




3 months


Video Analysis,






Project Manager, Business Analyst, Web Developer


Specify what the swimmer motions determine swimming speed in a greater degree.


Two cameras (over- and underwater) were used to determine what motions of a swimmer influence the swimming speed in a greater degree. Both cameras were put so that to move along a lane with a steady speed and fix any changes in the swimmer motions. Swimming time was measured by a timer switched on at start. The main challenge was in securing precise measurement of a change in swimming speed. To do it we had to know the distance covered within a certain period of time, provided that the athlete used arm pull of a type being evaluated. Control gage of 1 m was put in the pull. It made measurement of swimming speed possible, and all calculations were provided automatically. We also suggested further development of this video-capture motion analysis. It`s known that the angle under which the swimmer enters the water after start can influence the swimming speed, and the angels under which the swimmer`s arms enter the water also do. This method makes it possible to evaluate how swimming speed depends on angles of entering.

Main Challenge

Multiple camera video image capture and framing. Automated speed/effort/efficiency report. SaaS-based service availability.


Fixing any change in swimming speed.

Competitive Advantage

Technology can help a coach to identify the most effective swimming techniques. Gathering and processing of great data amount. This method can be easily applied to other cycling sports, like biathlon, rowing, skating, track and field athletics, etc.