Sports Medicine




12 months


Business Analysis, Data Science, Mobile Development, Prediction,


Swift, Android


iOS, Android


Project Manager, Business Analyst, Backend Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer, UI/UX Designer, Quality Assurance Specialist


Reduce the probability of serious injury.


When playing, if a player gets injured, will he continue playing, or will he need urgent medical treatment? What shall be done when the same player has been shortly reinjured? How to make sure that the MVPs are healthy and prepared for the most important game in the season? Our solution assists in taking reasonable decisions. It provides the possibility to entering injury data into the system in real-time at the injury spot. Indication of circumstances and immediate description of injury help making evaluation of the injury cause, symptoms, diagnosis, as well as what treatment and prevention measures are required. This reduces the probability of more serious injury later on. The idea of the project was delivered by the customer. We provided business analysis, architecture creation and iOS and Android apps development.

Main Challenge

Minimize data-input time. Provide high level automation in decision making. Ensure high scalability and compatibility.


Mobile app and cloud database – the best combination for real-time and up-to-date data sharing and storage. Multimodality (a doctor can both attend an athlete during a sports event and add injury data in an effort-effective way): text and voice input, graphical indication at the human body 3d model. Analysis and stats summary for the most frequent injuries and their causes frequency stats breakdown etc. Unlimited number of doctors and sports teams to participate in data inputting.

Competitive Advantage

The system allows sports doctors nationwide to get access to trustworthy injury data, to make reasonable estimations and work out predictions.