Virtual Tradeshow




6 months


Business Analysis, Design, Web Development,


PHP, Symfony, Bootstrap




Project Manager, Business Analysts, Designer, Web developers, Quality Assurance Specialists


Creating a system that helps hold virtual exhibitions, conferences, events. Though people`s gatherings have been abolished due to COVID-19, the customers want the events not to be canceled but run through the internet.


Usually, to participate in an exhibition, visitors need to arrive at a place and it takes a whole day or even several days to go through all exhibitors and get ideas about what they show. Besides, the preparation and conduction of exhibitions, trade shows, etc. consume a lot of time and money. The possibility to have events executed through a special platform saves resources of the organizers. Visitors and exhibitors also avoid considerable expenses necessarily required to reach the exhibition and present their products/services. Making exhibitions online is a new and innovative step that looks natural and reasonable in the time of Electronic Business and High Technologies. Thus, we have developed a system with complex graphics and animations that allows organizing and holding events online and supports a large number of users.


Through the Virtual Tradeshow platform, exhibitors are able to organize and manage the information they want to expose on their stands by adding and/or deleting files, images, documents, links, videos. Visitors can view sections and information posted by exhibitors on their stands. It is possible to organize online webinars and show recorded videos. Our system can support up to 100 000 users. While it is aligned with health protection requirements and sufficiently reduces material resources, it still lets exhibitors and visitors achieve their goals.