6 months


GPS Tracking, IoT Integration, Training Organization,


Swift, Android


iOS, Android


Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Architect, Backend Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer, UI/UX Designer


Make everyday sport activities more attractive and enjoyable.


Yetiq is the Motivational Mobile app for Runners with a feature of earning real money through everyday sport activities (like usual morning run). It could be achieved via Challenges. Some user initiates the Challenge between 20 people (500m run). Each of them need to pay the participation fee (i.e. 2€) in order to form the Prize Fund. The Prize Fund is formed (40€), and the Winner gets it.

Main Challenge

Make sure that a participant is running, not cycling. Make sure that running is the participant, not a body substitute. Comparability of results requires similarity of landscapes of the areas used by all participants for running on.


The main concept is simplicity – we don’t ask users to run in special time/place – they could do it wherever and whenever they want (i.e. during morning run). We adapt to the user’s free time, not on the contrary. In order to prevent cheating we are using: Heart Rate Sensors (to identify the users by the unique cardiogram). Running Sensors (to validate the running movement). Mobile Application with GPS for general Logics.

Competitive Advantage

Financial interest inspires people to get in sport activity. All features of a Challenge are decided by the participants themselves with no obedience to external settings. Overall that’s something between Running Gambling (however the Winning is based on the personal physical skills instead of the Chance) and Motivational Platforms that award users for the everyday activity.