To improve conversion of customer’s purchases and ramp up production and delivery of Brødboksen’s fresh foodstuff delivery e-commerce business from one Oslo district toward several cities.


Brødboksen is a software supply chain automation solution with high-load sustainability. The system allows to manage orders, production, stock and delivery for two nation’s biggest cities, as well as see to business saving money and growing, by efforts of three or even less qualified managers.

Some challenges we've overcome:

-built up predictive analysis models, to forecast demand supply and support the planning decisions;
-provided statistical analysis of marketing data, including overview of new customers, customer demography, deliveries and order pattern in different regions;
-created dashboards for real-time business monitoring & data analyzing;
-designed interfaces for time-efficient data-sourcing;


With our involvement Brødboksen has experienced expansion from the one district in Oslo to the coverage of the 2 biggest cities in Norway. The amount of the users has increased from 100 to 5000. The company is prepared for further expansion, with no risk of great operation costs growth.

Release Date:

17 August 2016


10 months




Ruby on Rails developer/Team lead
Ruby on Rails developer
Ruby on Rails developer
Project Manager

Client feedback:

StoneLabs was engaged to build upon a homebred ecommerce/logistics system for our Norwegian startup company.

They have been showing great technical knowledge and business understanding.

Our best recommendations to StoneLabs.

Thom Mikail S. Berre

Brødboksen, co-founder

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