To automate dynamic data acquisition and storage about healthcare products; to improve process of presentation.


Developed as a product presentation tool, Qlaira is a web-based application, which allows to gather and analyse data during the presentation, in order to amend product presentation for the further improvement.

Some challenges we’ve overcome together with the client:
-Processed analysis in order to focus on higher- profit clients;
-Analyzed an effect of marketing programs;
-Increased the accuracy of sales forecasts;
-Visualization of data in graph plotting.

Achievement :
By analysis and visualization of a big amount of data, we‘ve improved customer retention rates, enhanced levels of customer satisfaction and increased sales returns.

Release Date:

16 September 2015


2 months


Web Developer

Client feedback:

Stone Labs has very responsible, carefull and responsible approach at their work. You wouldn't ever hear categorical NO answer or something like "we haven't worked with that". The team would always find the suitable solution and give you several ways to overcome the challenge.

Maryia Barysava

Assistant to Marketing Manager, Bayer WR

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